Considering breast aug or fillers? You need to know about biofilm!


Like movies? Biofilm is the most important film you’ve never heard of! Biofilm is the technical name for the slime that bacteria secrete. It’s a problem in the case of breast implants and fillers. We generally worry about blatant infections from bacteria but in the case of implants and fillers, biofilm can cause problems other […]

Fillers for your cheeks…and not the crease!

As a recent NY Times article discussed, the school of thought regarding placement of fillers has changed over the last several years. In the past, fillers (gel injections) would plump up the lip and wrinkles to give a more youthful look. The purpose, to strive for the fountain of youth, hasn’t changed, but how we […]

Juvederm Voluma: Now Available in San Francisco

Well, it’s finally here. I wrote about the impending approval of Juvederm Voluma in a previous blog post but now it’s available right here in San Francisco.  For those of that are unfamiliar with Juvederm Voluma or want to learn more, continue reading.   Juvederm Voluma is a new product from Allergan, the same company […]

Juvederm Voluma – The Latest Volumizer!

If you’re a man or woman that has noticed reduced volume in the parentheses lines of the face or dark circles under the eyes, you may want to read this. If you’ve ever had a filler such as Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane or Radiesse, you may also want to read this.   Allergan, the makers of […]

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