The paleo diet, sex and bodybuilding with Vanessa Castro! [podcast]

Vanessa Castro is a successful certified personal trainer in Miami and has her masters degree in dietetics and nutrition. On the BuildMyBod Health podcast, she discusses the paleo diet, why it seems to have formed a cult following and fad diets in general.   She’s a wealth of knowledge and knows the healthy way to […]

Sex and Plastic Surgery: Breast Augmentation

Considering breast augmentation? Here’s another reason why this may be the right decision for you! A study released last fall reveals how women in Brazil felt as though their sex life improved after breast augmentation.     There’s several theories why breast augmentation could improve your sex life. Physical reasons of course could be the […]

Sex and Plastic Surgery: G-Spot

I’m not an Ob-Gyn and I don’t suggest that I’m an expert in the field of sexual medicine or sexual function or dysfunction but I still think, from a common sense standpoint, that I can comment on a recent article from the Journal of Sexual Medicine.   In a 2012 issue of the journal, a […]

Sex and Plastic Surgery: Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty. A procedure that women research in privacy because of potential embarrassment. While some may dismiss the need for a labiaplasty, this is a real issue for some and should be addressed with sensitivity. Labiaplasty is a treatment for women that have excess tissue around the vagina, referred to as the labia minora. The labia […]

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