Tummy tuck and hernia repair

hysterectomy and tummy tuck

Your typical tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty includes liposuction, removing excess abdominal skin and tightening the abdominal wall. A loose  abdominal wall is a rectus diastasis. This is repaired with stitches. In some cases, the abdominal wall is more than just loose, there’s an opening, or hernia that also needs repair. Tightening of a loose abdominal […]

Is it ok to get Botox while breastfeeding?

You may never ask a question that makes a plastic surgeon squirm as much as whether it’s ok to get Botox while breastfeeding! The reason is because no one is sure and no drug company wants to run a trial to determine its safety.   Understandably, testing pregnant or breastfeeding patients to see if Botox […]

Nipple Reduction

I’m guessing most women don’t know that something can be done about it but there’s a relatively simple procedure for it. I’m talking about women that are embarrassed due to overly large nipples that show through clothing. Maybe the nipple was always large or enlarged after pregnancy but nipple reduction is a viable option for […]

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