Face transplant & breast reconstruction at Cleveland Clinic [podcast]

breast reconstruction

In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we’re lucky enough to speak with a plastic surgeon extraordinaire! Steven Bernard is a plastic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in microsurgery. Through the use of precision instruments and an operating-room microscope, he is part of the team that performs breast reconstruction daily and also performed the world’s first, […]

Medical Turf War: Cosmetic Surgeon vs “Cosmetic” Surgeon

A recent article published in the International Business Times (it’s ok, I hadn’t heard of the publication before either!) compares real plastic surgeons and doctors that call themselves “cosmetic” surgeons. While there is no legitimate, independently-recognized board certification for “cosmetic” surgeons, the article conferred credibility on “cosmetic” surgeons to the detriment of the consumer confused […]

Embezzlement from a Plastic Surgeon

In a recent article out of Connecticut, a woman embezzled over $200,000 from a  plastic surgeon. She had previously embezzled money in California back in the late 90’s but it’s not clear if that was from a physician practice as well. The plastic surgeon only realized that his finances didn’t add up when he had […]

Office Based Operating Room: The patient benefits!

If you’re in the market for a plastic surgeon, look for one that has their own operating room in their office. I know this sounds self-serving since I am a plastic surgeon with their own operating room, but hear me out!   As with any company, it’s natural to assume the president or CEO has […]

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Can Learn a Lot from Hair Salons!

At first glance, you may think that cosmetic plastic surgeons and hair salons are only related in that both are businesses dedicated to beauty but when it comes to customer outreach, hair salons “got it going on!”   Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a growing industry. Salesforce.com is a company most responsible for making CRM […]

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