Take your pain medication after surgery…but only as needed!

pain medication

Of course you need pain medication after your surgery. No one is suggesting you won’t be in pain, but doctors are more nervous than ever about over prescribing pain medication. But even in the best of circumstances, pain meds can cause problems.   Take your pain medication PRN Narcotics and other opioids that help with […]

Negative Reviews on Yelp: The Physician Perspective

Your office provides excellent customer service. You offer every arriving patient a cup of coffee, tea or water. They never wait more than 5 minutes to see the doctor. You offer full price transparency online prior to the visit. The doctor encourages patients to email questions before a surgical procedure. The evening after the surgical procedure, […]

Did the 5th Vital Sign Lead to Opioid Addiction?


For those of you not in the medical field, there are typically four vital signs the nurse or doctor takes of the patient: blood pressure, respirations, heart rate and temperature. But in 1996, the American Pain Society coined the phrase, the 5th vital sign, which is pain. The only problem is that while the first […]

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