3 ways to publish your prices with BuildMyBod Health [video]

It’s official! Price transparency in healthcare is closer to reality. President Trump released new rules requiring hospitals to publish their charges and negotiated rates. You may be thinking, “oh this doesn’t affect me! It only affects hospitals and their employed physicians.” But make no mistake, this affects all physicians. Including those providing outpatient services! You may also be […]

The knowledge gap in healthcare is wider than I realized

knowledge gap in healthcare

I used to think the knowledge gap in healthcare was mostly isolated to the separation between the provider’s understanding of the patient’s condition and the lack of understanding on the patient’s part. Similar to your dependence on the mechanic fixing your car correctly and honestly because you lack an understanding of the modern day combustion […]

The fallacy of claims data and the negotiated rate

The stated goal of many price transparency companies is to use claims data to better predict the consumer’s negotiated rate. Let’s first explain what those two terms mean and then explain why that goal is misguided.   Claims data and the negotiated rate The difficulty in providing good price transparent data to consumers prior to […]

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