Why you still need a chemical peel after a facelift [video]

laser skin resurfacing

It’s understandable to assume that the granddaddy of all cosmetic procedures, the facelift, is the end all, be all operation. After you get a facelift, you don’t need anything else in your facial rejuvenation repertoire, right? Not necessarily.   Why a chemical peel may be necessary after a facelift If you have jowls (the hanging […]

More on Chemical Peels

TCA chemical peel

Sagging facial skin can be treated with a facelift but there are some stubborn deep lines around the eyes and mouth, due to either genetics, sun or smoking, that a surgical procedure can’t fix. For those stubborn lines, I recommend chemical peels. Very fine lines can be treated with a chemical peel by an aesthetician. […]

TCA Chemical Peel in the NY Times


In this recent article in the NY Times, the compound trichloracetic acid (TCA), often used for light chemical peels by doctors and aestheticians to resurface the face and minimize or remove very fine lines, is finding itself being labeled as a human carcinogen. “Recently the International Agency on Cancer Research moved to classify it as […]

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