Nipple reduction vs areola reduction (sort of like Ford vs Ferrari) [video]

nipple reduction

Many patients confuse the anatomical landmarks of the nipple and the areola. In other words, they use the terms as though they’re the same thing. This confusion is clear when discussing a breast augmentation. Most patients believe that one option for placement of the implant, aside from putting it through the armpit or under the […]

No vertical scar breast reduction [video]

no vertical scar breast reduction

When you have excessive breast tissue causing back pain or difficulty fitting into clothes, a breast reduction may be appropriate. One of the main drawbacks with a breast reduction is the vertical scar that extends down the front of the breast from the areola. If you’re a candidate, a no vertical scar breast reduction may […]

How young is too young for plastic surgery?

Is 21 too young for Botox? What about breast augmentation? Who should decide? If you’re not the one getting plastic surgery, maybe it’s none of your business when someone chooses to get work done?! Rather than being a moral decision, plastic surgery and when to get it should be based on medical reasoning.   Obviously […]

What plastic surgery is covered by insurance?

While it may seem obvious that reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurance and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are not covered, there are some nuances that necessitate clarification. Even the Australian government’s national health service weighed in on the debate recently.       What’s covered? Essentially, if you have a deformity on your […]

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