Founder/CEO, Jonathan Kaplan and US Senator Bill Cassidy pen op-ed in Newsweek


The No Surprises Act, a bipartisan effort to reduce the number of surprise medical bills, went into effect on January 1. As significant as this legislation is—surprise bills are one of the biggest drivers of medical bankruptcy in America—the act is still being overlooked.   This legislation remains unfamiliar to those it affects most, specifically […]

CHIP passes the Kimmel Test!

kimmel test

In between hurricanes and NFL protests, you may know there was a recent spat between Jimmy Kimmel and US Senator Bill Cassidy. The video here and here will bring you up to speed but to save you time, just read this!   The synopsis: Jimmy Kimmel and the Kimmel Test The late night show host […]

Why health insurance has high deductibles

high deductibles

For those of you shopping for new insurance, you probably want the most affordable plan out there. Even if you find an inexpensive plan, there’s a catch. Plans that are less expensive month-to-month have high deductibles as a trade off. That means if you actually need a doctor, medication or hospitalization, you’ll be paying a […]

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