The Worst NY Times Op-ed Ever Written

worst ny times op-ed

I recently read this NY Times opinion piece and was left feeling, how did this make the cut?! Aside from not being clear about the point of the article, the conclusions are bizarre. I think I can sum up the article’s point in this one sentence: Paul Ryan (the speaker of the House of Representatives) […]

Do you repeal all of Obamacare?

affordable care act

As someone that believes in healthcare for all Americans, even I know Obamacare fell short. It turns out the Affordable Care Act isn’t so affordable. But there are a couple popular aspects of the ACA that will make it exceedingly difficult to repeal all of Obamacare. Some aspects will have to stay and if you’re […]

The Unaffordable Care Act

affordable care act

If you read this blog, you know I’ve written about the Unaffordable Care Act on a number of occasions. If you don’t know, you can refresh yourself here, here and here!   The verdict is in: It really is the unaffordable care act The dominoes have fallen. The Affordable Care Act was designed to bring […]

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