Do I really need to change my breast implants every 10 years?

textured breast implants

No. But let’s clarify where that number came from and why it’s not necessarily true. Every patient that researches breast augmentation has come across the magic number of 10. The need to replace breast implants (saline or silicone) every 10 years.   Replacing breast implants every 10 years? In 2011, the FDA released this report on […]

What is capsular contracture?

A breast augmentation may seem like a pretty straightforward procedure and it often is. But a breast augmentation and lift can be a little trickier…especially if it’s a redo procedure! For example, a patient may have had a breast augmentation when she was young. But with kids and age, the breasts start to droop. Scar […]

Breast Augmentation with Shaped Implants [video]

Here is our latest GoPro surgical video for breast augmentation. Maybe you saw this post and video that discuss three potential risks of breast augmentation surgery, today’s post and video demonstrate the latest in “gummy bear” technology with the shaped breast implant. The shaped breast implant has a tear drop shape that provides a more natural […]

Will my breast aug scars show if I wear a bikini?

Considering a breast aug but worried your scars will be obvious if you wear a bikini? Worry no more! Aside from multiple options for your incisions, if done appropriately, your scar should be well hidden. In the post below, you’ll see how all incisions will be hidden but you still have a choice and one […]

Breast Augmentation: More Photos!

We’ve been busy with breast augmentation here in San Francisco. Busy, busy busy! Check out some of our latest before and after photos. All implants are silicone, under the muscle and placed through an incision within the crease underneath the breast. The patient in the top photo has shaped implants but all of the photos […]

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