PACKAGE: Monthly Prescription and Dosage Adjustment Package

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PACKAGE: Monthly Prescription and Dosage Adjustment Package. Get 1 Monthly Prescription and Dose Adjustment every 28 days. By purchasing this Package, you agree to pay $149 per 28 days for 168 days. See full terms and conditions. Additional Information: If you go through insurance, this is the monthly fee you will pay, after the downpayment to start the program. This monthly fee covers the cost of submitting a prescription to your pharmacy each month. No guarantee that insurance will cover your medication. Even if it's covered initially, coverage may change. If insurance covers the medication, remember that the pharmacy may be out of the medication or the dosage that you need. This may require going to several pharmacies each month to find the medication.

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Subscription Information

Packages are subscriptions that enables a patient to pay for a particular product over a defined period of time via several installment payments. Patients pay installation payments at a fixed interval for the duration of the package enrollment period and are granted product vouchers at a fixed interval if caught up on all installation payments.