PACKAGE: Semaglutide Weight Management Program EXTENSION

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PACKAGE: Semaglutide Weight Management Program EXTENSION. Get 1 Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections (pack of 4) every 28 days. By purchasing this Package, you agree to pay $520 per 28 days for 168 days. See full terms and conditions. Additional Information: With each monthly payment, we will send your monthly supply of semaglutide injections. Do not purchase this 1) if you are not already enrolled in the Weight Management Program 2) you recently signed up for our weight management program. This package is only for patients that have already completed the initial 6-month program and are continuing with semaglutide with continued monthly monitoring. If you purchase this without prior enrollment, you package subscription will be cancelled and money refunded. Shipping included.

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Packages are subscriptions that enables a patient to pay for a particular product over a defined period of time via several installment payments. Patients pay installation payments at a fixed interval for the duration of the package enrollment period and are granted product vouchers at a fixed interval if caught up on all installation payments.