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Brow Lift (Endoscopic)
For heavy brows that fall over the eyes, a brow lift can restore the brows to th... Read more
Brow Lift with Upper Lid Lift
Removal of extra upper lid skin and restoration of the brows to their appropriat... Read more
Upper Eyelid Lift
This procedure removes extra upper lid skin and can be done under general or loc... Read more
Nose Reshaping
The nose can be reshaped by alterations to the cartilage and/or bone to give a m... Read more
Nose Reshaping: tip only or hump only
Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) of the tip or hump only. Read more
Juvederm/Restylane Filler (Physician Injector)
Facelift (Endoscopic Midface)
Through very small incisions, an endoscopic camera can be used to lift the middl... Read more
Ear Gauge Repair (Both Ears)
After removing a large space-occupying gauge, or large earring from the ear, thi... Read more
Sculptra Injection (single treatment)
Restores facial and neck skin to a more youthful appearance. Read more
Lip Augmentation with Juvederm®/Restylane®
Injection of Juvederm®, Belotero® or Restylane® to enhance the volum... Read more
Sculptra Injection (6 vial full treatment)
Filler injected to stimulate collagen production and fill in lines and wrinkles.... Read more
Chin Enlargement with implant
An implant can be used to enlarge a weak chin. Can be placed through an incision... Read more
Kybella injection for removal of double chin fat
Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells un... Read more
Neck lift
A necklift can be performed by making incisions behind the ear. This allows the ... Read more
Arm Lift
After massive weight loss, many patients have skin hanging from the upper arms, ... Read more
Breast Lift without Implants
If your breasts have more droop than you like, this procedure removes excess bre... Read more
Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implants)
By placing implants under the breast, you can enlarge your natural breast size. Read more
Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)
By placing implants under the breast, you can enlarge your natural breast size. Read more
Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation-Saline Implants (Mommy Makeover)
A mommy makeover refers to the surgical treatment of the breasts and abdomen to ... Read more
Liposuction - 1 Area or 1st Custom Area
Rather than receiving an estimate for liposuction based on a specific area, this... Read more
Liposuction - 2 Areas
If you want 2 custom areas of your body treated with liposuction, add this proce... Read more
Belt Lipectomy
A belt lipectomy, also known as a lower body lift, is a surgical procedure that ... Read more
Tummy Tuck - Traditional
Removes excess lower abdominal skin and tightens the '6-pack.' Read more
Thigh Lift with horizontal and vertical incision to inner thighs
With excess skin to the inner thighs, some patients only have excess skin to the... Read more