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Endoscopic Brow Lift
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Dr. Derek Ford specializes in brow lift surgery for men and women who want a more youthful looking forehead and eyebrows. Due to age or heredity, your brow may droop, causing people to ask you if you're angry or sad. Additionally, eyelid surgery can cause the brow to descend - one of several reasons the two surgeries are commonly performed together. For men, the goal is to restore a smooth forehead and a natural, horizontal brow position. For women, Dr. Ford typically elevates the lateral arch (tail) of the brow for the most natural, youthful looking results. A drooping or sagging brow can prematurely age you, making you look perpetually tired or angry, even if you're not. For a more open, alert appearance, Dr. Ford often recommends brow lift During this procedure, Dr. Ford almost always uses an endoscopic technique to lift and reposition the brow to a more youthful placement. This type of brow lift is performed through a small incision in the scalp with a small endoscopic camera.