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Liraglutide Daily Weight Loss Injections - Ongoing Maintenance (2 vials per month)
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Liraglutide, also known under the trade name of Victoza (approved for type 2 diabetes) and Saxenda (approved for weight loss), are part of the same class of drugs as Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro. The main difference is liraglutide is a daily injection rather than a weekly injection. This is perfect for someone who feels the appetite suppression effects of Ozempic and Mounjaro don't last them the whole week. With daily injections, you may feel the appetite suppression effect lasts the full 7 days a week. This price is for 2 vials worth of medication per month. After the first month where you'll only need one vial, you'll increase to the higher maintenance dose which is 3mg per day and will require 2 vials per month. Because of the higher cost associated with 2 vials per month, this initial subscription will automatically convert to the higher dose/higher cost subscription where you will remain until you cancel your subscription. We source this medication from an FDA approved compounding pharmacy.