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Weight Management Program Enrollment (Non-Coaching) Fee
This enrollment fee covers the cost of labs, a Bluetooth-enabled scale and journal. Once your labs are reviewed, we will send you a link to sign up for the monthly $99 Prescription Track that includes a prescription and monthly coaching call or the $420 Compounded Semaglutide Track that includes compounded semaglutide sent to your door (no involvement of insurance). If you're looking for a more intensive coaching experience, you will need to sign up for the Weight Management Full Program. Also keep in mind that if you choose the Compounded Semaglutide Track with the 6-month Full Program, we will set aside enough semaglutide to get you through the 6-month program. Whereas, if you choose the Enrollment Program option (the option you're currently looking at), compounded semaglutide is not guaranteed for any duration of time. If at some point the name brand medication goes off the FDA shortage list and compounding pharmacies can no longer make semaglutide, you will not have access to it either. But again, if you choose the 6-month Weight Management Coaching Program, you will have access to the medication for 6 months even if the name brand drug goes off the shortage list. MUST HAVE A CALIFORNIA ADDRESS TO PARTICIPATE.
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