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Rhinoplasty (nose job) revision - Second Procedure
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A successful rhinoplasty surgery should be aimed at achieving the best possible nasal shape, maximizing breathing and minimizing possible complications. Unfortunately, sometimes the results from a prior rhinoplasty can be unsatisfactory due to the surgeon's inexperience, poor surgical technique or scarring of the nose after surgery. In fact, rhinoplasty has one of the highest reoperation rates of all plastic surgery procedures because nasal anatomy is inherently variable, the final results can be compromised by scar tissue formation and/or structural warping and the surgery itself takes artistic talent to perform successfully. Some of the most common complaints after a prior unsuccessful rhinoplasty are a nose that is crooked, large, asymmetrical, bulbous, droopy or overall worse looking than before the surgery. Nasal airway obstruction or worsening of initial breathing can also sometimes occur after primary rhinoplasty if the airway was not properly evaluated and treated during surgery. These types of results can be due to inexperience of the operating surgeon, under-correction or warping of the underlying nasal framework, over or under cartilage grafting of the nose, under or over resection of the nasal structural cartilages or poor communication between the patient and surgeon. There are some certain ways to try and avoid these types of problems from recurring or happening in the first place, which include making sure that your surgeon has a lot of experience performing rhinoplasty surgery, you are able to review their previous work, they spend a lot of time determining what type of nose you would like from surgery and they provide you with a computer image of what your nose could possibly look like after surgery. Most important of all is to remember that revision rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging plastic surgery procedures to perform since it requires a highly skilled plastic surgeon that possess both a strong aesthetic sense and a deep breadth of experience to perform successfully on a consistent basis. So be sure to do your homework and take the extra time necessary to research and find the right plastic surgeon to perform your revision rhinoplasty procedure.