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ImageLift Facelift with Laser Lipo
The ImageLift is a facelifting procedure that tightens the neck, jawline, and face under local anesthesia. This includes tightening the neck bands (platysmaplasty). Laser Lipo helps to remove fat and tighten skin, in addition to the lifting procedure. There is NO general anesthesia, no IV sedation, no surgical staples, and no surgical drains. This usually takes 2 or 2 1/2 hours under local anesthesia. Physical downtime, patients start resuming physical activities (light shopping, errands, some things around the house) in approximately 1-3 days. Social downtime is approximately 7-10 days, people pass the 'Grocery Store Test' i.e. you walk into the grocery story and no one really does a 'double-take.' Results are typical and do vary. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE ON PRICING ONLY Exact pricing is given during a consultation when we can more accurately asses your needs and desires. You may be eligible for additional promotions, package pricing, or bundling depending on your consultation.

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ImageLift Facelift, Laser Lipo, facial fillers. Results typical and do vary.

ImageLift Facelift, Laser Lipo, facial fillers. Results typical and do vary.



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