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For heavy brows that fall over the eyes, a brow lift can restore the brows to th...Read more
This procedure removes extra upper lid skin and can be done under general or loc...Read more
If you need excess skin and/or fat removed from both the upper and lower lids, t...Read more
Performed to remove baggy lower lids and give a more rested appearance.Read more
The nose can be reshaped by alterations to the cartilage and/or bone to give a m...Read more
An implant can be placed onto the cheek bones to make them more prominent if you...Read more
Through very small incisions, an endoscopic camera can be used to lift the middl...Read more
Procedure that improves shape of earlobes, removing excess skin due to prolonged...Read more
Restores facial and neck skin to a more youthful appearance.Read more
A necklift can be performed by making incisions behind the ear. This allows the ...Read more
Breast augmentation can be performed through an underarm incision in appropriate...Read more
After massive weight loss, many patients have skin hanging from the upper arms, ...Read more
After breast augmentation, there can be issues with implants shifting, bottoming...Read more
A reduction is appropriate for very large, heavy breasts - usually a DD cup size...Read more
If your breasts have more droop than you like, this procedure removes excess bre...Read more
By placing implants under the breast, you can enlarge your natural breast size.Read more
By placing implants under the breast, you can enlarge your natural breast size.Read more
Removes excess lower abdominal skin and tightens the '6-pack.'Read more
This procedure is most appropriate for patients that have had massive weight los...Read more
Rather than receiving an estimate for liposuction based on a specific area, this...Read more
If you have minimal excess lower abdominal skin, such as a patient who is a runn...Read more
When a patient desires a fuller appearing buttocks and does not have enough fat ...Read more
By taking fat from other regions of your body, we then purify the fat and inject...Read more
Correction and removal of excess skin to the inner thighs.Read more