Building qualified leads
through a simple concept.

Listing procedures and upfront pricing, patients are less likely to experience sticker shock.

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BuildMyBod Can Change Your Practice

Procedure Pricing allows users with an interest in procedures and services to search their local area for physicians like you, by simply entering their zip code.


Unique Advantages of BuildMyBod

Users can view your cosmetic procedure offerings, call your office from the app, view pre/post op photos, review procedure pricing and even send you an e-mail of a procedure “wishlist,” accompanied by their e-mail address, providing you with a qualified lead.


  • Improved conversion rate from exam room to operating room
  • Patients are less likely to experience sticker shock upon initial consultation
  • Better informed and more procedure-aware patients
  • Extensive tracking stats, calls, wishlists, and click throughs


Receive wishlists from patients that include their email address and phone number along with procedures the patients are interested in so you can tailor your consultation to their needs


Procedures and Pricing

Patients can review procedures and pricing from the
privacy of their iPhone, iPad or Web-based app using any


Redesigned Backend

A redesigned Physician Portal(backend) for easy access and measurement of your consumer engagement; including detailed wishlist and consumer data


Advanced Customization

Advanced features include Pre & Post-Op photos, Doctor Bio and Photo and personalized domain for Web App

Connecting to thousands through our newly engineered Knowledge Center.


BuildMyBod continues to build one of the most robust interactive marketing tools and resources in the world for physicians. Not only are you given the ability to pre qualify patients with online pricing and to allow the online purchase of your non-surgical services, but now your patients are also connected to an archive of information on procedures in the Knowledge Center. You will connect to hundreds of users searching for procedures that they're interested in and your profile will be displayed based on the procedure and location viewed.


The Knowledge Center has every procedure patients are interested in with each procedure answering questions like, what to expect, pre-op preparation, risks, safety issues, recovery and an interactive Q&A section.  If a user or patient can not find the answer to a question they are looking for, they can simply go to the Ask a Real Doctor section and submit any question and get a response from BuildMyBod's staff plastic surgeon within 24hrs. One of the most robust and intuitive hubs for plastic surgery on the web.


1 Plastic surgeons are surgeons that have completed an accredited plastic surgery residency or fellowship

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