Correction of Split Earlobe


Correction of Split Earlobe - A split earlobe is when there is separation from the point of a piercing down through the edge of the ear lobe. This procedure is considered to be a minor cosmetic procedure. This procedure can also be used for an "incomplete" split lobe which may be a stretched or elongated hole piercing.

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What should I expect?

Split ear lobe correction is used to restore the ear lobe. It is a safe, effective procedure, usually performed within the office. After removing the edges of the "split", the new freshened edges are closed with absorbable sutures. A dressing is also used to provide additional support during the healing process. You will be provided with the necessary instructions for pre-operation and post-operation care.

How should I prepare?

Since this procedure is done under local anesthesia, it is not an issue if you have breakfast on the day of the surgery.

What are the risks?

Risks for this procedure are minimal. Infection or bleeding are usually not an issue but a small "bump" along the edge of the repaired earlobe may present itself several months after the procedure that may need to be corrected. Also, the split earlobe can recur if repierced in the same area as the repair.

How do I ensure my safety?

Be sure your doctor does this procedure under sterile conditions in their office.

What will recovery be like?

There is no down time with this procedure. If steri or "butterfly" strips are placed over the incision, let these fall off on their own. Continue your activities as though you didn't have a procedure. Wash your face and hair as you normally would and pat the ear dry afterwards.

How much does it cost?

In the United States, the average cost of the correction of a split earlobe is $1,067, according to BuildMyBod's 2020 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report.This includes costs of anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees.

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