Chemical Eye Rejuvenation


Chemical Eye Rejuvenation - Injectible fillers are available for under-eye hollows near your upper cheekbone. By filling in these grooves beneath your eyes, you can essentially flatten the concave area and restore your eyes to a fresher, alert, and less tired look. Restylane® or Juvederm® are fillers that can be used for this purpose. Using a very thin needle, the gel is injected directly under the skin in small increments. Producing immediate results, this injection lends a long lasting, natural improvement that is safe on your skin. The length of time a treatment maintains its effect is very individual and depends on many factors such as your age, skin type, lifestyle, and muscle activity, as well as the injection technique. Experience shows that Restylane® or Juvederm® can be effective for up to one year or more after the treatment of wrinkles.

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What should I expect?

There is minimal pain associated with this injection under the eye. Keep in mind that some patients have bruising after this procedure but can be covered by camouflage makeup.

How should I prepare?

Cleanse your face of makeup in the area of injection (under the eyes). If you are returning to work, it is ok to leave the rest of your facial makeup in place.

What are the risks?

Some side effects of this treatment include bruising, swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the injection site. These side effects will subside subside a few days after injection into the skin and within a week after an injection into the lips. In very rare cases, tenderness, and acne-like formations have been reported. These resolved themselves after about two weeks.

How do I ensure my safety?

Restylane® and Juvederm® are safe products made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body.

What will recovery be like?

While there is no time required for bedrest, there is a risk of bruising with these procedures which may require social downtime until camouflage makeup can be used to cover any bruising. When dealing with lip augmentation, the final outcome will not be evident until about a week passes. If your lips appear uneven at first, do not be alarmed, this will resolve within a week. Contact your physician if your discomfort persists. A touch-up treatment within two to four weeks after the initial treatment may be necessary to achieve an optimal correction.

How much does it cost?

In the United States, the average cost of a chemical eye rejuvenation is $1,127, according to BuildMyBod's 2020 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report.This includes costs of anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees.

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