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Laparoscopic, Hysterectomy

In this procedure, the provider removes the uterus and cervix through the vagina, using a laparoscope to cut the upper uterine attachments. This procedure is done for a normal size uterus, which means it weighs 250 grams or less. CPT code: 58550  

Obstetric routine care for cesarean delivery, including pre-and post-delivery care

In this global service, the provider provides all of the antepartum care, admission to the hospital for delivery, delivery of the fetus and placenta via an abdominal incision, and inpatient and outpatient postpartum care. Typical global services begin at eight to ten weeks gestation and include a full–term cesarean delivery at thirty–nine to forty weeks gestation and routine inpatient and outpatient postpartum care of one or more visits up to six weeks following delivery. CPT code: 59510  

Bladder repair

The provider places a sling made of fascia or synthetic material under the urethra to support it in the correct position to treat urinary stress incontinence. The procedure can be performed abdominally or vaginally depending on whether the provider uses a pubocervical or transvaginal sling. CPT code: 57288  

Excision of vaginal cyst or tumor

In this procedure, the provider surgically removes a cyst or tumor in the vaginal wall. This is a vaginal approach surgery. CPT code: 57135  

Urethral sling with vaginal wall repair, front (anterior)

The provider repairs the vaginal tissues over the weakened spots to support the area and return the bladder and rectum to their correct positions. This is a vaginal approach procedure. The provider may or may not perform cystourethroscopy. Patients need this procedure because they have problems with the bladder prolapsing into the vaginal canal and also into the rectum. CPT code: 57260  

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