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Results for Radiology

Ultrasound lower extremity venous duplex bilateral

Duplex scanning of veins for the evaluation of blood flow is a type of noninvasive vascular diagnostic process. A physician can visualize and selectively assess the flow patterns of peripheral vessels using real–time ultrasound imaging and pulsed Doppler. The presence of stenosis, occlusion and identification of incompetent veins can also be achieved through this process. CPT Code: 93970  

PET scan

In this diagnostic procedure, the provider performs PET, positron emission tomography, a type of nuclear imaging test. It tells how the brain is functioning with information on metabolism, such as oxygen, glucose, or drug metabolism. CPT Code: 78608  

Mammogram, screening, both breasts

The provider takes two X–ray views of each breast for routine screening and may use specially designed computer software to help identify any potential abnormalities within the images; the software converts signals into digital data and analyzes the images. CPT Code: 77067  

MRI abdomen with and without contrast

The provider performs magnetic resonance imaging of the structures and organs of the abdomen, initially without control and then with additional sequences after injection of contrast. CPT Code: 74183  

CT of Abdomen & Pelvis, with and without contrast

The provider performs computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis without contrast material in one or both body regions followed by contrast material in one or both body regions and additional sections. A provider performs this service to diagnose the cause of abdominal or pelvic pain or other abnormalities of the internal organs. CPT Code: 74178  

X-ray of hip with pelvis, minimum of 4 views

In this diagnostic procedure, the provider takes a minimum of four X–ray images from different projections (directions or angles) of one hip, either left or right, to check for fracture, swelling, or other reason for pain in the hip area, including the pelvis when performed. CPT Code: 73503  

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