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Results for Cardiothoracic

Removal of Lung Mass

The provider removes a single lobe of the lung. CPT Code: 32480  

Placement or replacement of temporary pacemaker

The provider inserts or replaces a temporary pacemaker and implants it into the appropriate chamber. CPT Code: 33210  

Rib Resection

The provider removes an upper rib to treat conditions like rib deformities or congenital abnormalities such as thoracic outlet syndrome. CPT Code: 21615  

Percutaneous repair of mitral valve

The provider repairs a defect in the mitral valve (the three–leaflet valve between the right atrium and the right ventricle) by placing a prosthesis through a catheter that he inserts percutaneously to treat conditions like tricuspid valve regurgitation (backflow of blood) of the mitral valve. CPT Code: 0569T  

Abnormal cardiac rhythm ablation

In this procedure, and at the same time as another cardiac procedure, the provider destroys the extensive abnormal tissue of the atria of the heart causing an abnormal heart rhythm and then performs extensive reconstruction of the left and right atrium, or the chambers at the top of the heart that receive the blood returning from the veins. The procedure treats atrial fibrillation, a condition in which abnormal electrical signals cause the atria, or the upper two chambers of the heart, to contract rapidly and irregularly. The provider does not place the patient on cardiopulmonary bypass during this procedure. CPT Code: 33258  

Cardiac catheterization of left heart for diagnosis

This procedure involves catheter placement in a left sided, systemic cardiac chambers left ventricle or left atrium. It also includes left ventricular injection and measuring left ventricular pressures that mounts within the ventricle. CPT Code: 93452  

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