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Do you have ZOOM neck?!

zoom neck

zoom neckWe now have a variation on the tech neck – the ZOOM neck! And there’s a treatment for it – the SIMI neck lift! When I developed the SIMI neck lift several years ago, first published here, it was a treatment for patients that had too much skin for liposuction but not so much skin that necessitated a full neck lift.


The evolution of the tech neck to the ZOOM neck

As patients started taking selfies or using FaceTime several years ago, they saw their neck as never before. For better or worse, they were unhappy with the appearance of their neck. Enter, the tech neck. With the onset of the pandemic, an entirely new group of consumers using ZOOM are starting to notice they have ZOOM neck!


We recently performed a SIMI neck lift on a patient that said in her consultation, “I didn’t realize I had these neck bands until I was using ZOOM more!” She didn’t have an excess amount of skin. If she did, a full neck lift would be appropriate. A full neck lift includes an incision behind the chin to perform liposuction and tighten up neck muscles. A full neck lift also includes incisions behind the ears to remove excess skin.


The SIMI neck lift, in contrast, avoids these long, painful incisions behind the ears because there is no skin removal in the process. The SIMI neck lift, in the appropriate candidate, allows for the repositioning of “misplaced” skin from the midline of the neck. Essentially the excess slack is taken up and spread across the neck. Since no skin is removed, just repositioned, there’s no need for the incisions behind the ears.


So if you’re “suffering” from ZOOM neck, there’s a minimally invasive, long lasting treatment – the SIMI neck lift! Check pricing here.




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