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Teenage Breast Deformities

Many teenage girls, as they develop through high school, have differences in the size or shape of their breasts. This can be very normal and often corrects itself by the end of their development. But if these differences don’t correct themselves and you or your daughter is very distraught by their breast shape/appearance, there is something you can do.


Teenage breast deformities in girls can vary in appearance (photo credit).

Tuberous breasts vary in size of areola, size of breasts or droop of breasts.

While the major types of breast deformities are depicted above, you may have variations of these that are not depicted. But don’t despair. In all likelihood, as I mentioned above, something can be done to correct this!  Treatment can include placing a tissue expander under the skin to stretch out the skin first and then followed by a breast implant or it can be done in 1 stage and go straight to an implant. Keep in mind that if the areola is large and doesn’t match the breast, an areolar reduction can be done at the same time as the implant placement. You can read more about tuberous breasts at Dr. Bates’ blog or contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to begin the discussion.


Also keep in mind that this may be covered by insurance. If your doctor does not take insurance, you can submit to insurance on your own. And if you feel you need the surgical correction no matter what, it can be paid for out of pocket. You can check pricing for this procedure here.

If you have specific questions regarding your particular breast condition, please click here and Ask a Real Plastic Surgeon your question and receive a response back within 24 hours.








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  1. My daughter is 16 and has a breast deformity. Her Pediatrician in NY said insurance may not cover it. One of her breast is under developed (A) and the other is (C) according to her Doctor. She say’s my daughters breast are quite different and she will need surgery. I am looking for an excellent Plastic Surgeon in Florida. I am about an hour from Orlando and am willing to drive for this. Her insurance is “The Empire Plan” which is primary and ” Champ VA” is the secondary. I have no idea at all on cost and cannot afford out of pocket. We are also dealing with a girl that has developed depression with many other factors that have affected her schooling. She is isolating herself, broke down at school today and I was told she needs to see a therapist. I really need help so any information would help me. Thank you so much

    1. So sorry to hear about the difficulties your daughter is having. You can contact any of the doctors in the BuildMyBod network by going to and you’ll see that we have quite a few doctors in your immediate vicinity. Once you go to their profile pages, you’ll see a contact phone number. To determine what insurance plans they take, you will need to talk to them individually since this information changes frequently. Best of luck.

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