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Put the swimming bitmoji on the liposuction canister. Wait, what?!



The language spawned by social media is bizarre to say the least. Snaps, posts, likes, tags, giphys, stickers and the almighty bitmoji. We’re not talking about just lingo or coined terms within social media. It’s the combination of lingo with normal everyday speech that make for very strange, surreal conversations.


So many bitmoji, so little time

A typical day within a practice that heavily incorporates social media into their marketing and patient education can make for unintended but entertaining comments and imagery. For example, “the fat from the liposuction looks like a banana smoothie,” with the resulting image below:



These humorous, albeit off-color comments/images can supplement the purpose of all of this: combining education with entertainment. But not everyone is impressed. This author thought this imagery was in poor taste. Oh yeah, well what about that time the removed skin from a tummy tuck looked like a tortilla?!




If all of this engagement and education seems silly and wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!




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