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Listicle: The red flags we look for in our patients

red flags
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Red flags are something a potential patient does (or doesn’t do) that can portend future problems. After 12 years of practice, I’m getting better at noticing these red flags but there’s always room for a heightened sense of awareness. Check out our “listicle” below for a few of these red flags. In case you’ve never seen the word before, a listicle is an article whose content is a list.


Red flags

  1. 1. Credit card not present to pay for services, ie tries to pay with a photo of a credit card
  2. 2. Is rude to the front office staff and nurse, but nice to the doctor
  3. 3. Everything is a production from paying the consult fee to filling out the standard patient paperwork
  4. 4. Complains about other doctors
  5. 5. Thinks of Yelp as a weapon
  6. 6. Asks a question but doesn’t listen to the answer
  7. 7. Doesn’t accept your opinion because of something they read online
  8. 8. Their wish pics are totally detached from reality
  9. 9. “This is my 8th consultation” (2 or 3 are reasonable)
  10. 10. They send a follow up email with tons of questions that were already answered in the consultation


If you think of others, please add them to the comments section below.



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