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BuildMyBod Founder speaking at 26th Annual FFAS Conference

ffas conference

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be speaking this Friday at the Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery – FFAS Conference this weekend.


According to the FFAS website, “The mission of the Foundation of Facial Aesthetic Surgery (a Non-Profit, Multi-Specialty Foundation) is to foster a sense of cooperation and knowledge exchange between the medical specialties that are primarily involved in the science, practice and teaching of facial aesthetic surgery and non-surgical medical aesthetics.”


Agenda at FFAS

Dr. Kaplan will speak Friday afternoon on, “How to generate leads through social media.” We’re constantly feeding so much content into the social media beast. But what do you have to show for it?


In the process of producing more and more content, we forget to consider what we’re getting in return. Dr. Kaplan will talk about how you can use social media to not just passively generate leads but proactively generating leads.


He’ll show examples not only from his practice, but how other doctors generate leads through social media. Specifically, he’ll show how a Price Estimator is a great way to get a consumer from your social media page to your website and leave their contact info behind.


If you’re in town and want to attend, register for the FFAS conference here.




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