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International Medical Tourism: Death isn’t your biggest concern! [video]

medical tourism

There is no shortage of horror stories when it comes to medical tourism – traveling outside of the country for your medical care. Headlines abound of patient deaths from fat embolism, hypovolemic shock or overwhelming infections. And while death is obviously the worst complication, it’s not the main risk. Poor quality and cut rate procedures […]

How Snapchat disarms Dr. Google!

Dr. Google

I’m gonna spend this whole post just explaining what the title means! So let’s start with some background. Most doctors know that Dr. Google refers to the experience when patients come in for their consult with loads of disjointed, unrelated information regarding their ailment that they learned on Google. While some of the information is […]

Medical tourism is now domestic tourism

domestic tourism

Medical tourism had or still has a bad reputation depending on who you ask. Going far from home for less expensive medical services could end in disaster. Well, for better or worse, consumers are still traveling, but closer to home. And that’s domestic tourism.   Is domestic tourism safer? Whether domestic tourism is safer than […]

Timing your second stage of surgery

second stage of surgery

I recently had a patient that messaged me through Facebook messenger about performing multiple procedures. I’ve operated on her before so I was comfortable interacting with her via social media. Because of the number of procedures she wanted, I suggested that she should “stage” the surgery so that some procedures would be performed in the […]

A BBL can be tasteful – even in your 50’s!


I know the idea of a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL seems odd for someone in their 50’s. You automatically think of big booties from hip hop videos or Kim K. But when you really think about it, an “older” woman getting a BBL for a ptotic or droopy butt is no different than getting […]

What happens when your silicone implant ruptures? [video]

medical tourism

As you can see from the video below, it’s very hard to rupture a silicone implant. Deforming the implants takes a great deal of pressure and rupturing them – well forget about it! Significant force, or a sharp object is necessary. This is why the “gummy bear” silicone implants are safer and more popular than […]

5 reasons to consider rolling a joint after surgery!

rolling a joint after surgery

Crazy, I know. But regardless of your personal bent on the topic, marijuana use for medicinal purposes is now legal in 29 states plus the District of Columbia! That’s a lot of places where patients can legally be prescribed, and then purchase medical marijuana for an assortment of ailments, including recovery after surgery. Before dismissing […]

Do’s and Don’ts before surgery

Surgery, whether it’s cosmetic or not, can be a big deal. You may be out of commission for a few days afterwards so it’s important to prepare before surgery. Here’s a list of suggestions to better ensure a successful, stress free recovery.   Top Do’s and Don’ts before Surgery Due to pain or social downtime, […]

Take your pain medication after surgery…but only as needed!

pain medication

Of course you need pain medication after your surgery. No one is suggesting you won’t be in pain, but doctors are more nervous than ever about over prescribing pain medication. But even in the best of circumstances, pain meds can cause problems.   Take your pain medication PRN Narcotics and other opioids that help with […]

How soon can I travel after surgery?

travel after surgery

There seems to be a few misconceptions regarding travel after surgery. We’d like to clear that up. In general, if you’re feeling well, travel after surgery is fine. Here are some things to keep in mind though.   Travel after surgery: is it safe? One of the more curious questions I get is whether it’s […]