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Patients on Procedures (POP): CoolSculpting [podcast series]

repeat coolsculpting treatments

Considering CoolSculpting? Don’t just take what you read on the internet as gospel. Hear from a real live patient! In the podcast below, you’ll hear from Nancy, a CoolSculpting patient that was very skeptical but now a true believer!   Nancy discusses how she was bothered with her lower abdomen and flanks and didn’t really […]

Interview with a Breast Augmentation Patient [podcast]

breast augmentation

After seeing a patient for one procedure or another and after going through all of the details, they often ask to speak to a patient that went through the same journey. Breast augmentation is no different. Finding a former breast augmentation patient to speak to a new patient is not difficult. But you do worry […]

Before and After Photos [podcast]

before and after photos

Photography isn’t just for selfies! A very interesting field within photography is medical photography and of personal interest to me is the before and after photos of cosmetic surgery patients. It’s not a matter of just pointing and shooting.   Before and after photos, to get them right, takes real skill. In this episode of […]

Bell’s Palsy and Facial Retraining [podcast]

bell's palsy

Do you know anyone with Bell’s Palsy? It’s an unusual question but this sudden onset of paralysis/droop to one side of the face affects 40,000 Americans every year. It’s believed to be caused by the same herpes virus that causes a cold sore.   In 85% of patients that get Bell’s Palsy, the facial paralysis […]

The Yoga-instructing Child Life Specialist! [podcast]

child life specialist

Have you ever wondered how children cope with being in a hospital due to their own illness or because of a parent’s sickness? Coming out of an emotionally and possibly physically traumatic experience relatively unscathed is due to the work of a child life specialist. Our guest today on the BuildMyBod Health podcast, Rakhi Kreymerman, […]

Medical Tourism: The Podcast!

medical tourism

In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we talk to the President of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Renee-Marie Stephano. She was first exposed to medical tourism while working for a company in 2004 that provided destination healthcare. From there, she saw a need to better connect consumers and healthcare providers in other countries. Thus, the birth […]

A conversation with Kathy Fields of Rodan and Fields [podcast]

rodan and fields

Famous and skin care don’t always mix but when it comes to the creators of Proactiv and Rodan + Fields, Drs. Kathy Fields and Kate Rodan are as famous as they come! In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we talk to Dr. Kathy Fields, and what a great conversation it is.   They didn’t start out […]

Kasey Baldwin Thompson: Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioner

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kasey Baldwin Thompson, a nurse practitioner in Rayville, Louisiana. She’s married to one of our previous guests, Addison Thompson. You can hear his interview on the BuildMyBod Health podcast here. But Kasey is her own person and very accomplished in her own right.   Not only has she […]

Physician Assistant: Is it your calling?

physician assistant

Elizabeth Nordman is a physician assistant (PA) that can do it all. Right out of training, she was part of the busiest orthopedic trauma service in town. Because she was smart, affable and able, she was given a great deal of autonomy in taking care of her patients and helping her supervising doctors.   Medicine […]

DripDrop, dehydration and Dr. Dolhun [podcast]


Dr. Eduardo Dolhun is a self-described country doctor in the big city! He’s a primary care doctor but also an entrepreneur focused on treating dehydration, one of the most frequent causes of death throughout the world.   Several years ago on a trip to Guatemala, he saw a child die in their mother’s arms because […]