International Medical Tourism: Death isn’t your biggest concern! [video]

ShareThere is no shortage of horror stories when it comes to medical tourism – traveling outside of the country for your medical care. Headlines abound of patient deaths from fat embolism, hypovolemic shock or overwhelming infections. And while death is … Continue reading

How soon can I travel after surgery?

ShareThere seems to be a few misconceptions regarding travel after surgery. We’d like to clear that up. In general, if you’re feeling well, travel after surgery is fine. Here are some things to keep in mind though.   Travel after … Continue reading

The Sientra Soap Opera

ShareIt’s been a bad couple of months for Sientra, the North American distributor of Silimed breast implants. And it’s too bad because they’re a scrappy young company that gave women additional choices when it came to breast implants for cosmetic … Continue reading

Medical Tourism: The Podcast!

ShareIn this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we talk to the President of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Renee-Marie Stephano. She was first exposed to medical tourism while working for a company in 2004 that provided destination healthcare. From there, she saw … Continue reading

Vatican anti-cosmetic surgery?!

ShareA recent article in The Washington Times discusses the latest edict from the Vatican. The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, a religious body that explores issues in contemporary culture criticizes cosmetic surgery as a “burqa made of flesh.” Wow, that’s … Continue reading