Price transparency isn’t just for cosmetic services anymore!

Share You probably didn’t know price transparency was being utilized for any healthcare services, much less cosmetic services! But it’s true. Consumers are demanding price transparency, ie knowing how much services are going to cost before they get said service. … Continue reading

Preparing patients for sticker shock in healthcare

Share Now that more patients are paying a portion of their healthcare costs of out pocket, eventually they’ll experience sticker shock in healthcare. To minimize sticker shock, the office staff must have that awkward conversation about “getting paid.” In this recent … Continue reading

The knowledge gap in healthcare is wider than I realized

ShareI used to think the knowledge gap in healthcare was mostly isolated to the separation between the provider’s understanding of the patient’s condition and the lack of understanding on the patient’s part. Similar to your dependence on the mechanic fixing … Continue reading

Free market rate vs the negotiated rate

ShareWhen it comes to paying for healthcare services, chances are you’ll be paying out of pocket. More and more consumers have high deductible health plans that require you to pay $5000 to $6000 before the insurance company starts paying. Since … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder Speaking at FMMA Annual Meeting

ShareDr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health and Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery will be giving a keynote presentation today at the Free Market Medical Association Annual Meeting.   FMMA: Join the Healthcare Revolution According to the FMMA website, “The Free … Continue reading

Let’s be clear about pre-existing conditions

ShareWith the passage of a new healthcare bill in the House of Representatives (it’s still not a law) and a heartfelt monologue by Jimmy Kimmel, there’s been a great deal of talk about pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, in the discussion, many … Continue reading

Why healthcare insurance has high deductibles

ShareFor those of you shopping for new insurance, you probably want the most affordable plan out there. Even if you find an inexpensive plan, there’s a catch. Plans that are less expensive month-to-month have high deductibles as a trade off. … Continue reading

Five Health Insurance Hacks

ShareA hack is a technique to solve everyday problems. What constitutes a hack to an everyday problem? Finding the shortest route work. The shortest line at the DMV. And with the uncertainty of the future of health insurance in America, … Continue reading

Does higher price equal higher quality in healthcare?

ShareDoes higher price in healthcare equal better quality? Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. Healthcare, as in many other cases, doesn’t have a straightforward answer in this regard. Similar questions about price and quality apply to cars, clothing or accessories … Continue reading

Read the BuildMyBod Health White Paper on Price Transparency

ShareIt’s here…the definitive white paper on price transparency in healthcare! Before you fall asleep, check out this article in the Annals of Plastic Surgery. As the article explains, with BuildMyBod Health, you can take control of your out-of-pocket healthcare costs and your … Continue reading

Why price is the pain point in 2016

ShareThis new year, 2016, is the year when consumers will recognize that price is the pain point in healthcare, just as it is with any other purchase. For far too long, healthcare has been immune to the normal market trends … Continue reading

Welcome Dr. Peter Karsant DDS!

ShareWe here at BuildMyBod Health want to give a shout out and grand welcome to our newest dentist joining our price transparency network – Dr. Peter Karsant!   Dr. Karsant is the latest healthcare provider that recognizes the importance of … Continue reading

Cyber Monday for Healthcare!

ShareIt’s coming! With so many online purchases for everything else, soon consumers will be looking for healthcare deals online on Cyber Monday! You don’t think that’s ever gonna happen? Well, it’s here!   The BuildMyBod Health price transparency platform, already … Continue reading

Achieving orgasm after sex reassignment surgery [podcast]

ShareIn this second of our two-part series on sex reassignment, Dr. Meltzer covers an array of interesting topics. Whereas the first podcast here discussed Dr. Meltzer’s path to becoming a sex reassignment surgeon, this podcast discusses the technical aspects of … Continue reading