Automating Weight Management Programs for Better Customer Service

Recently, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan posted a video on TikTok weighing in on whether a celebrity lost weight by diet, exercise and/or the use of the groundbreaking weight loss medication, semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic (approved for type 2 diabetes in 2017) and Wegovy (approved for obesity in 2021) . It was a topic that […]

Weight loss hack: semaglutide instead of Ozempic and Wegovy

wegovy cost

If you’re concerned about paying for the weight loss medication Wegovy, you may have another option. The active ingredient in Wegovy is semaglutide. This compound is a glucagon like protein (GLP-1) that was first used commercially in Wegovy’s predecessor, Ozempic, from the same pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. Ozempic was first approved in 2017 as a […]

New Regulations for IV Hydration Therapy Coming Your Way!


The market for elective intravenous (IV) hydration therapy has seen a dramatic increase in demand over the last few years. Established clinics and meds spas have begun offering the service, and an influx of free-standing retail IV bars and mobile services have popped up all over the country. But this explosive growth has gone mostly […]

Get Coveted Mommy Makeover Results…And Keep Them!

mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover transformations can dramatically change a patient’s confidence and lifestyle. Here’s my potentially not-so-controversial opinion: If you’re even remotely considering plastic surgery, think of that as the first step to a lifestyle change. Doing so will not only contribute to having spectacular results, but you’ll start instilling healthy habits to maintain those results long […]

The best IV therapy and vitamin injections

IV therapy

As internal health and overall wellness continue to be top of mind, the number of supplements available to consumers shows no signs of slowing down. But not everyone wants to down a palmful of pills daily to get a dose of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they may be lacking. So instead, IV vitamin therapy […]

Everything You Need to Know About Waterless Skincare

Waterless Skincare

Korea is the birthplace of nearly every big beauty trend. First, it gave us the 10-step skincare routine, BB and CC creams, and even snail serums—yes, you read that right. Now, the latest innovation to hit our shores by way of the Eastern world is waterless beauty, which is just what it sounds like—beauty and […]

Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau during pregnancy and breast feeding

botox during pregnancy

First off, thanks to Professor Emily Oster for the inspiration behind this article. In over 1000 articles I’ve written for this site, I’ve never directly tackled the issue of botulinum toxin (the active ingredient in the popular anti-wrinkle injections behind BOTOX®, XEOMIN® and Jeuveau® (#newtox)).   I did write about this topic, albeit tangentially, in […]

What’s with all the letters? A helpful guide to titles in American healthcare.

Navigating the world of medicine in America can be a challenge for many people, and even understanding who is providing your care can be confusing. During an average visit to your doctor, you’ll likely interact with a receptionist at the front desk, a medical assistant or nurse who brings you to the exam room to […]

Avoiding blood clots in the legs during and after surgery

blood clots

During plastic surgery, one of the biggest concerns patients and their surgeon’s have is the potential for the development of blood clots in the patient’s legs. These are referred to as a DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. The pathophysiology, or the reason these clots develop, has to do with three possible factors. 1) Stasis, or […]

Preventing Post Op Complications

postop complications

Post op complications are a risk everyone must consider when planning surgery. While there is no surefire way to prevent 100% of post op complications, there are ways to reduce your risk of some of these issues.   What are some post op complications I should be aware of?   Fever Fever is a vague […]