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BuildMyBod on Becker’s ASC 2019 Panel in Chicago

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Dr. Kaplan continues his trek across the country from San Francsico to New York to Tampa to Chicago for the Becker’s ASC 2019. While in Chicago he will serve on a price transparency panel.


Becker’s ASC 2019 Price Transparency Panel

The price transparency panel will include ASC administrators and doctors that believe in price transparency. Panel members will discuss how price transparency has been a benefit to their practice or facility. However, the other panel members showcase price transparency with a menu of procedures and their prices.


This provides no lead generation and no way for the facility to follow up with the consumer to provide more education. This is the critical piece missing in the price transparency debate. If you provide consumers with information that is broad, vague and inactionable, it’s no different than providing them with no information at all. Using price transparency to connect the consumer with the facility through lead generation is what will really transform healthcare. Enter BuildMyBod Health!


For more information on BuildMyBod Health, price transparency and lead generation, click here.




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