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BuildMyBod Founder speaking during FFAS Webinar

ffasBuildMyBod Health founder Dr. Jonathan Kaplan will be participating in the Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery – FFAS webinar – on Wednesday, August 15th. The webinar, which is invite only, will also host Candace Crowe and Catherine Maley.


What’s on the agenda?

The titles for each speaker are listed above. Dr. Kaplan will discuss the benefits of using pricing information to generate leads and bring folks into a physician’s sales funnel.


As discussed in more detail here, the easiest way to fill your sales funnel is with a call to action (CTA) button that addresses three things. A proper CTA button should be 1) tantalizing enough to 2) incentivize a consumer to provide their contact info and 3) return the information they’re looking for in an immediate, automated way.


The CTA button that fits this paradigm is “Get A Quote Now.” Everyone wants to know cost, not just price shoppers. It’s part of the research phase before purchasing anything. It’s not about the doctor competing on price. It’s about education.


The technique will generate so many leads your head will spin. They won’t all come in but this is a numbers game.


If you’re a healthcare provider and are looking to improve your lead generation and lead conversion, this webinar is for you. Please contact for more information. If you’re a consumer looking to check pricing from a doctor near you, click here.




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