Hospitals and surgery centers not performing cosmetic surgery

performing cosmetic procedures

Here in San Francisco, the city and health department issued a directive on May 15th allowing elective surgery. In the directive, it was very clear elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery and dental procedures, could move forward. For this reason, we began performing cosmetic surgery in our in-office AAAASF accredited operating room the following Monday, May […]

No more waiting in doctor’s offices!

doctor's office

When we consider black swan events, which I’ve discussed here before, they’re often looked at in a negative connotation. And rightly so. But in an effort to find a silver lining to this pandemic, we should consider the pandemic as a black swan event, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a dramatic improvement in society. There […]

Why everything, including cosmetic surgery, will be more expensive now

prices going up

Here’s the sad truth. Everything will be more expensive now. Regardless of what business you as a customer frequent, the business owners’ expenses are going up. And they’re not arbitrarily using COVID as a pretext to raise their prices. Expenses are up because restaurants, clothing stores, doctor’s offices etc are spending more on personal protective […]

Ice cream shop : takeout food :: cosmetic surgery : elective surgery

ice cream

Think back to your SATs. Remember the analogies? The goal was to determine the relationship between the first pair of words and then choose the second pair of words that had an equivalent relationship. In the title above, ice cream shops are to takeout food as cosmetic surgery is to elective surgery. In other words, […]

Get your margaritas for this Cinco de Mayo webinar!

Join us for this special Cinco de Mayo webinar! Make sure you have a margarita or Dos Equis in hand! (no Corona, please)   BuildMyBod Health and Dr. Jonathan Kaplan are excited to welcome Dr. Steven Weiner and Tim Sawyer to our upcoming webinar, setting up your website and online store for success.   Tim will discuss online […]