Three ways to treat your abdominal bulge after pregnancy

abdominal bulge after pregnancy

Anyone that’s had a child (one or multiple) is familiar with the upper abdominal bulge after pregnancy. This may resolve a few months after pregnancy or it may remain. That bulge is due to three things and therefore, requires three procedures done at the same time to address all of them.   Abdominal bulge after […]

What to do about stretch marks

what to do about stretch marks

There is so much written about stretch marks aka “tiger stripes” all across the internet. When consumers Google what to do about stretch marks, much of the information out there isn’t very good. Or accurate. Or even true. Whenever reading about treatments for stretch marks, consider the recommendations from the perspective of what someone is […]

BuildMyBod Founder wins award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019 [video]

We’re proud to announce that our founder/CEO, Jonathan Kaplan, who also happens to be a board certified plastic surgeon, recently won an award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019!   Best Surgical Body Shaping Enhancement at THE Aesthetic Show 2019 As you can see in the video below, Dr. Kaplan performed a Mommy Makeover on a […]

My skin care regimen by Dr. Kaplan (aka Dr. Bae) [video]

skin care regimen

If you want the nitty gritty, then jump down to the video below. But if you learn better by reading, then continue on! Today’s topic is about the “best” skin care regimen. And the best regimen isn’t what I say is the best. It’s the one that’s the best for you. So I’ll talk about […]

Changing referral patterns in the age of social media

Social media is to blame, or take credit, for everything these days! The effects of social media are evident across a variety of spaces. For example, it’s changing political discourse, feelings of inequality (you always knew the Kardashians had more money than you but now you know how much more!) and how a business goes about generating, […]

How to get patients to book and pay in full at the time of consultation


How nice would it be if you could get your patients to book and pay in full for their procedure at the time of their consult?! No follow up necessary to collect the balance! How? Keep reading.   Many physicians that are now in the aesthetic space didn’t start out that way. Many began their […]