9 weird things plastic surgeons do – by a plastic surgeon!

plastic surgeon

ShareAfter several years in the profession, I’m amazed at how plastic surgeons do some funny, even weird things. Not hating on anyone because maybe I’m guilty of a few. These are some general examples that refer to cosmetic plastic surgeons … Continue reading

Price should be part of the customer service package in healthcare

ShareCustomer service, customer service, customer service! If you’re in the service industry this is hammered into every employee and manager. While this is obviously critical in say, a restaurant or department store, it wasn’t always the focus in healthcare. That’s … Continue reading

Now I get it! Why doctors are hesitant to show their prices

ShareI speak regularly about the benefits of price transparency and the service our company, BuildMyBod Health provides. From the beginning, I always knew doctors were hesitant to show their prices online.   In fact, during my lectures, I would list … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder speaking at THE Aesthetic Show 2018

ShareStarting today, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health is giving three lectures over the course of four days at THE Aesthetic Show 2018 in Las Vegas.   BuildMyBod Health: A primer BuildMyBod Health allows consumers to check pricing on … Continue reading

What it takes to provide great customer service

Share Competition has always been fierce in healthcare and it’s only getting more competitive these days. The reasons are plentiful and a subject for another blog post. But the important thing is how to differentiate yourself. Which of course is … Continue reading