BuildMyBod founder speaking at Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons

  Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be speaking this weekend at the 61st Annual Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons – the OVSPS.   According to the OVSPS website, “The mission of the OVSPS is to promote innovative technology regarding the art and science of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The target audience will […]

How to ruin a good thing when it comes to social media in the OR

social media

  Social media in the OR (operating room) is a wonderful tool for our practice. I recently wrote about the 5 ways social media has transformed my practice here and here. But for every 5 reasons to utilize social media in one’s practice, someone will find one way to ruin it for everyone.   Social […]

BuildMyBod Health founder named 2018 Best Cosmetic Surgeon by SF Weekly

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod Health. He was recently selected as the 2018 Best Cosmetic Surgeon by Bay Area readers of SF Weekly magazine.   2018 Best Cosmetic Surgeon This year’s ballot required readers to write in their vote rather than choose from a list of nominees. Because of Dr. […]

How a Price Estimator improves your website’s SEO

FACT: The more time someone spends on your website, the higher your site will rank in organic Google searches. In other words, the longer consumers stay on your site, the better your SEO. So how do you keep consumers on your site longer? CONCLUSION: the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator is proven to keep consumers on your site longer and therefore […]

The unexpected route a patient takes through a sales funnel [video]

I’m always fascinated with how patients find our practice. Sure it could be as simple as googling “awesome plastic surgeon” and then coming in to see me 😂! That’s a fairly straightforward trip through our sales funnel. But usually it’s an intriguing combination of psychology, associations/friends, habits, interests, marketing, social media, technology and on a […]

The cosmetic patient vs the insurance patient

The distinctions between a cosmetic patient and an insurance patient may seem obvious. Yes, the cosmetic patient is receiving non-medically necessary services so they pay for everything out of pocket. Yes, the insurance patient is receiving medically necessary care and insurance will cover it – maybe. Aside from patients that are paying out of pocket due […]

Patient engagement through price transparency

The race towards better patient engagement is ultimately about better communication and better health. But underlying those goals is cost containment. Here’s a novel idea: cost shouldn’t only serve as the goal. It can also be the ‘carrot.’ In other words, cost (price transparency on healthcare services) can engage the patient, allowing for better eduction […]

Guys know what guys want

what guys want

It’s a battle of the sexes!   Many female plastic surgeons wisely market themselves as being able to relate better to female patients. This is cleverer than other marketing strategies. For example, saying you’re board certified doesn’t adequately distinguish a plastic surgeon since most are also board certified. But when a woman promotes herself as […]