BuildMyBod Health Instructional Courses at The Aesthetic Meeting

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be giving several instructional courses at The Aesthetic Meeting this weekend.   On Saturday, he’ll be giving a 1-hour instructional course on lead generation and ecommerce. As an extra special treat, he’ll be joined by Rosy Zion of Zion Social Media on Monday during a two-hour instructional course on social media you don’t want […]

The Beauty of FaceTime Consults

facetime consults

With broadband internet capabilities and smartphones, it’s so easy to see a patient now. Skype used to be a mainstay for online consults. But with the seamless incorporation of FaceTime video into your iPhone, it’s never been easier. There’s really no reason a patient can’t see their doctor now. I recognize there’s still a need […]

Let’s talk about anatomy [video]


Doctors-in-training spend the first 6 months of medical school learning about anatomy. Dissecting this tissue from that tissue on people that were generous enough to donate their bodies to science. However, doctors must recognize that our patients did not attend medical school. So there’s a knowledge gap. And to bridge that gap, we must ensure […]

Getting a breast aug doesn’t make you a shallow person

breast aug

In this recent interview with Anna Farris, she discusses her decision to get a breast aug (boob job). There are many reasons women decide to get a breast aug but it seems like it is often different than what society assumes.   Why get a breast aug? It may be easy to believe that women […]

5 things Botox patients say

botox patients

We recently held a Botox/Xeomin party at a local clothing boutique in town. The owner provided us with a few pearls regarding the benefits of Botox or Xeomin. So here are 5 things botox patients might say. You won’t find these in a scholarly journal!   The things Botox patients say!         […]

BuildMyBod Health founder speaking at InstaMed User Conference 2018

BuildMyBod Health founder and plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan will be speaking at the InstaMed User Conference tomorrow afternoon. He’ll discuss strategies to capture the growing cohort of high deductible health plan (HDHP) patients out there. His talk is entitled, “How to Engage HDHP Patients in the Age of Obamacare, Trumpcare, or Unknowncare.”   With […]

The customer is not always right. An example of confirmation bias.

I had an interesting experience recently from two Yelp reviewers. One person gave me a one-star review because she got a bruise after Botox/Xeomin injection to reduce wrinkles in the forehead. Another left a one-star review because she was unhappy with her breast lift to correct very saggy (ptotic) breasts after massive weight loss.   Obviously […]

Is cosmetic surgery taboo? Not anymore!

cosmetic surgery taboo

There are many myths surrounding cosmetic surgery. Everyone used to think it was only for rich people. Then Congress considered a tax on cosmetic surgery, only to realize it would mostly affect middle class women. That’s not the group you want to tax during an election year! And many consider cosmetic surgery taboo. That it […]