What’s your pain point when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

pain point

Patients often ask me what procedure they should have. A surgical or non-surgical option…this type of lift or that type of lift? In addition to ensuring they’re a good candidate for one procedure or another, it also comes down to what their pain point is. Here are a few examples to elucidate my point.   […]

What makes before and after photos bogus?!

before and after photos

With the advent of Instagram and the widespread sharing of before and after photos by doctors to an ever-increasing audience, the consumer needs to be wary. All is not what it seems. Sharing before and after photos isn’t new. For years doctors have shared their photo gallery on their own website. But that’s not the […]

Preparing patients for sticker shock in healthcare

Now that more patients are paying a portion of their healthcare costs of out pocket, eventually they’ll experience sticker shock in healthcare. To minimize sticker shock, the office staff must have that awkward conversation about “getting paid.” In this recent post from InstaMed, a healthcare payments network, they discuss four kinds of conversations healthcare staff can initiate […]

Taking care of your JP drain [video]

JP drain

If you’ve had surgery or planning on surgery, you may need a JP drain. JP stands for Jackson-Pratt, ostensibly the inventors that probably didn’t sign a very good deal for royalties! Anyway, a drain is useful to remove any fluid that builds up after an operation.   When a JP drain may be used Basically, […]

BuildMyBod Founder speaking at 25th Annual FFAS Conference

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be giving several presentation this weekend at the Foundation for Facial Aesthetic Surgery – FFAS Conference this weekend.   According to the FFAS website, “The mission of the Foundation of Facial Aesthetic Surgery (a Non-Profit, Multi-Specialty Foundation) is to foster a sense of cooperation and knowledge exchange between […]