Botox for Camels?

botox for camels

A couple years ago, I wrote this article about clickbait – the use of eye-grabbing titles to capture a reader’s attention but then directing them to an article that’s less interesting or totally unrelated. My article was entitled, “Trending: Zookeepers Performing Cosmetic Surgery on Zoo Animals?!” It was just a joke and intended to simulate […]

A primer on the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) for surgeons [video]

I realize this post may not relate to anyone outside of plastic surgery. But at the same time, it’s just plain interesting to anyone that’s a fan of Rube Goldberg¬†(ie, the Mousetrap above)! With the circuitous tubing going from handle to canister to machine, the video below showing the operating room setup for a Brazilian […]

BuildMyBod Health 2018 Pricing Report

pricing report

BuildMyBod Health is the number one trusted online marketplace for healthcare services. It provides consumers and employers with self-funded plans free access to its robust database of price information on medically necessary procedures typically paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or because the service is considered cosmetic. These prices are often better […]

Social media wake up call for plastic surgery societies

There’s a paradigm shift in how patients are finding their doctors. And nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmetic surgery space. In the past, consumers found their doctor through word of mouth. Then it was the yellow pages. That gave way to the internet, specifically a doctor’s website, and in the last decade, […]

Chemical vs laser skin resurfacing

laser skin resurfacing

When your doctor or aesthetician talks about skin resurfacing, they’re talking about several things at once. They could be talking about skin resurfacing by scraping away dead skin with a dermabrasion machine. They could be referring to a laser skin resurfacing. Or they’re meaning a chemical peel. And even when you talk about a chemical […]

Do you need a nurse at home after cosmetic surgery?

after surgery

The short answer is no, I don’t think you need a nurse at home after cosmetic surgery. But before everyone starts throwing digital vegetables at me via the comments section, hear me out. So…what am I thinking?!   Need a nurse at home after cosmetic surgery? Not necessarily Why do you go to your cardiologist […]

The authors of this NY Times article on healthcare costs still don’t get it

domestic tourism

The NY Times published this article the other day and before I read it, I was thinking, will the authors demonstrate that they “get” healthcare? The subheading of the article referenced the price for care. Recognizing that healthcare costs, not the amount of care, are a factor in rising expenditures was promising. I was intrigued. […]

Why work out if you can get lipoetching?!


Obviously we wouldn’t minimize the importance of a healthy diet and workout regimen. But if after that, you don’t have the washboard abs you’re looking for, lipoetching may be for you.   What is lipoetching? Believe it or not, lipoetching is using what is normally a bad technique, in the right context. When performing liposuction, […]