Unorthodox: The Nose Job Episode

nose job

Last week, I had the pleasure of discussing rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, with the hosts of Tablet magazine’s Unorthodox podcast. Episode 117 was aptly named, The Nose Job Episode.   The Nose Job Episode You’re welcome to listen to the whole episode or you can tune in at the 39:50 mark and listen to our […]

Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod featured in Radiesse Golden Ticket campaign

radiesse golden ticket

Merz, the makers of Radiesse and Belotero, recently completed their Radiesse Golden Ticket campaign. Three lucky winners received a makeover to the lines and wrinkles of their lower face. Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod and board-certified plastic surgeon was the treating physician for the third winner.   Radiesse Golden Ticket winner and […]

Periareolar breast lift [video]

periareolar lift

Depending on how much lift you need for your breasts after having kids, you may be a candidate for a periareolar breast lift. In the GIF above, this technique is great if your nipple is at or just below the fold under your breast. That fold is also referred to as the inframammary fold, or […]

From social media to surgery [video]

social media to surgery

As a healthcare provider, if you’re not on social media by now, you should seriously consider it. More patients are going from social media to surgery than ever before. As the story below will show, this is actually a reasonable way to find your doctor.   First step: Lead generation As seen in the photo […]

International Medical Tourism: Death isn’t your biggest concern! [video]

medical tourism

There is no shortage of horror stories when it comes to medical tourism – traveling outside of the country for your medical care. Headlines abound of patient deaths from fat embolism, hypovolemic shock or overwhelming infections. And while death is obviously the worst complication, it’s not the main risk. Poor quality and cut rate procedures […]

How Snapchat disarms Dr. Google!

Dr. Google

I’m gonna spend this whole post just explaining what the title means! So let’s start with some background. Most doctors know that Dr. Google refers to the experience when patients come in for their consult with loads of disjointed, unrelated information regarding their ailment that they learned on Google. While some of the information is […]

One aspect of the CVS Aetna deal – Primary Care Physicians

If you haven’t heard, the traditional pharmacy, CVS, is proposing to buy the traditional health insurance company, Aetna, for $69 billion. The CVS Aetna deal has many potential effects. One curious aspect is that the new vertically integrated company won’t include doctors. This will affect primary care physicians the most.   What will the CVS […]