Why medical tourism websites would benefit from a Price Estimator

medical tourism

When you think of medical tourism, you think of traveling for more affordable healthcare. One connotation of cheaper healthcare is poor quality healthcare. Luckily, with increasing competition here and abroad, that connotation of poor quality is no longer true. For example, CanAmerica Health.   How A Price Estimator benefits medical tourism websites If looking for […]

Own your marketing

Why do we buy ads on Facebook or Google Adwords? We do it to get out in front of their billions of users. But not really. When you purchase ads on any platform, you’re marketing your ads toward a particular demographic.   Own Your Marketing For example, for my practice in San Francisco, if I were […]

Bottoming out…in breast augmentation

bottoming out

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there. And since cosmetic surgery is real surgery, some complications are inevitable. One such complication is bottoming out of the implant as shown above.   What is ‘bottoming out’ in breast augmentation? In an ideal situation, a breast implant sits behind the breasts in […]

Breast augmentation with the IDEAL Implant [video]

ideal implant

For those of you out there considering a breast augmentation, you have another choice on the market. No longer can you only choose between silicone or saline. Now you have the option of a saline, structured implant – the IDEAL implant!   How is the IDEAL implant different? As you’ll see in the video below, […]

To shave or not to shave…before surgery?!


While common sense would suggest shaving before surgery would get rid of bacteria, it might make it worse. Consider these scenarios. For an operation on the face or neck, do you shave your beard? An operation on the lower abdomen, do you shave the pubic hair? This is an ongoing debate in operating rooms across […]

Use health insurance like auto insurance

auto insurance

I know it sounds crazy, but why wouldn’t you use your health insurance for all health-related needs? I mean, you buy health insurance to cover healthcare costs, right? Yes and no. Compare health insurance to auto insurance. With auto insurance, you only use it for major issues. A bad car accident. A new transmission. In […]

Medical tourism is now domestic tourism

domestic tourism

Medical tourism had or still has a bad reputation depending on who you ask. Going far from home for less expensive medical services could end in disaster. Well, for better or worse, consumers are still traveling, but closer to home. And that’s domestic tourism.   Is domestic tourism safer? Whether domestic tourism is safer than […]

Price transparency and Sales Funnels for Physicians

What do these have in common? Keep reading and it’ll all make sense. I’ve repeatedly mentioned the importance of price transparency on this blog. And not just price transparency but using price transparency as a lead generation tool for your medical practice. Now, let me explain how your medical practice fits the sales funnel paradigm […]