The knowledge gap in healthcare is wider than I realized

ShareI used to think the knowledge gap in healthcare was mostly isolated to the separation between the provider’s understanding of the patient’s condition and the lack of understanding on the patient’s part. Similar to your dependence on the mechanic fixing … Continue reading

Free market rate vs the negotiated rate

ShareWhen it comes to paying for healthcare services, chances are you’ll be paying out of pocket. More and more consumers have high deductible health plans that require you to pay $5000 to $6000 before the insurance company starts paying. Since … Continue reading

BuildMyBod Founder speaking at MGMA 2017

ShareDr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health and Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery will be giving an hour-long presentation today at the MGMA Annual Conference.   MGMA 2017: Empower According to the MGMA website, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is the … Continue reading

Doctors: Has a follower on social media ever asked you how much a procedure costs?

ShareIf you’re a doctor that offers medically necessary services paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or because they’re considered cosmetic, I bet someone has asked you how much a procedure costs. And I’ll double my bet if … Continue reading

The fallacy of claims data and the negotiated rate

ShareThe stated goal of many price transparency companies is to use claims data to better predict the consumer’s negotiated rate. Let’s first explain what those two terms mean and then explain why that goal is misguided.   Claims data and … Continue reading

Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health to pitch at Market Disrupt

ShareToday, Monday October 2nd, 2017, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will pitch the price transparency/lead generation potential of the BuildMyBod platform at Health Innovation Technologies Market Disrupt event in Los Angeles. This is a Shark Tank style pitch event. … Continue reading