CHIP passes the Kimmel Test!

kimmel test

In between hurricanes and NFL protests, you may know there was a recent spat between Jimmy Kimmel and US Senator Bill Cassidy. The video here and here will bring you up to speed but to save you time, just read this!   The synopsis: Jimmy Kimmel and the Kimmel Test The late night show host […]

Now that Kylie is pregnant, can she still get lip fillers and Botox?!

kylie is pregnant

Do you think it’s ridiculous that I’m writing about Kylie Jenner? Or that this is the second time I’ve written about Kylie Jenner?! Well, before you answer that question, ask yourself why are you reading this post! But I will tell you why I’m writing about the fact that Kylie is pregnant. It’s because it’s […]

Bundled pricing, the only true transparency in healthcare

bundled pricing

Price transparency is the current and growing buzzword in healthcare. There are many ways to go about making healthcare costs clear to consumers. But when entrepreneurs design their own solution to price transparency, they miss one very important ingredient: actionable pricing information. The best way to accomplish this is through bundled pricing.   Bundled pricing […]

Bees and my surgery origin story [video]


Do you remember that scene from Tommy Boy (hyperlink to YouTube video clip) where Chris Farley and David Spade’s character are driving drunk after it appears that Tommy Boy has lost the family brake pad business to the bank?! Even if you haven’t, picture two dumba$$es, depressed and dejected by their recent failure, driving drunk […]

Patients want it, doctors are reluctant

domestic tourism

I’m talking about pricing. In this day and age of high deductible health plans, consumers are shouldering more of the cost of their healthcare. They now have a choice in caregivers and they want to know what they’re paying – ahead of time. Doctors are reluctant. But not because they like being opaque con men/women. […]

BuildMyBod founder appointed to Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors

BuildMyBod Health founder, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan was recently appointed to the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors. The Cleveland Clinic is the #2 hospital in the country according to the most recent US News and World Report ranking.   Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors Dr. Kaplan will serve on the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board […]

Get rid of lower lid bags

lower lid fat bags

Look younger and more refreshed at work by treating your lower lid bags! Lower lid bags are due to fat from around the eyeballs falling into the lower lids. It happens to most as they age, but there’s also a genetic component to it. When done correctly, it can be a transformational operation.   Lower lid […]

Different types of breast lift incisions

nipple reduction

In this post, you’ll read about the different types of breast lift incisions but also see examples of each. They have their pros and cons but most importantly, the type of incision isn’t your “choice.” It’s a matter of how much breast droop or ptosis you have. That translates into how much excess skin you […]

Got neck pain? We’ve got treatments and ACDF pricing!


Cervical spinal stenosis can be caused by cervical disc herniation and/or cervical disc degeneration. First, cervical disc herniation is when one or more of the discs in your cervical spine bulges into your spinal canal. Second, cervical disc degeneration is when your disc deteriorates, causing the spacing between vertebrae to narrow. Both conditions cause narrowing, […]

Get cosmetic surgery and quit smoking…maybe

quit smoking

This recent article makes an incredibly interesting argument. That cosmetic surgery can lead patients to quit smoking! It’s not as far-fetched as you may think. It’s starts with the notion that smoking affects small blood vessels in healing skin.   Cosmetic surgery to quit smoking? If you’re a smoker, you know surgeons always say to avoid […]