Why listing healthcare prices as a menu is dumb AF

ShareDo we have your attention now?! Whether it’s for cosmetic services or medically necessary procedures (before a deductible is met), knowing healthcare prices is important. Patients need to know their financial obligation and healthcare providers need to be sympathetic to their patient’s … Continue reading

Things to know after your Brazilian Butt Lift [video]

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Prairie Spine joins the BuildMyBod Network

SharePrairie Spine of Peoria, IL is now part of the BuildMyBod network. That means you can check your out-of-pocket costs for procedures dealing with “spine health.” So not only does Prairie Spine offer the latest in back pain services, they also … Continue reading

Let’s be clear about pre-existing conditions

ShareWith the passage of a new healthcare bill in the House of Representatives (it’s still not a law) and a heartfelt monologue by Jimmy Kimmel, there’s been a great deal of talk about pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, in the discussion, many … Continue reading

Attention healthcare providers: You all need to think like a plastic surgeon!

ShareI couldn’t say it better myself because I said it! Read my original article published in Medical Economics about price transparency and lead generation here.   Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan for Medical … Continue reading