When postop surgery patients answer your phone call

postop surgery patients

I love it when postop surgery patients answer my phone call. It’s officially 10 years in practice now and still, without fail, I call my outpatient surgery patients the night after their surgery. And it’s all because of how I was treated when I had surgery as a young tyke.   Why you should call […]

Fat injections to the breast

fat injections to the breast

It’s seems like the greatest thing since sliced bread. Instead of putting silicone implants into your breasts, just get fat injections to the breast and liposuction in the process! It makes sense to enlarge the breasts with similar tissue to what’s already in the breasts. If the breasts are made up of fibrous tissue, milk […]

Why listing healthcare prices as a menu is dumb AF

Do we have your attention now?! Whether it’s for cosmetic services or medically necessary procedures (before a deductible is met), knowing healthcare prices is important. Patients need to know their financial obligation and healthcare providers need to be sympathetic to their patient’s financial worries. So yes, providing healthcare prices is important, but listing them in the form […]

Ear Gauge Repair Video

ear gauge

Whether you have a split earlobe or an ear gauge, an ear gauge repair can fix both! While the circumstances that led to a split earlobe or an ear gauge vary, the repair is similar.   Split Earlobe or Ear Gauge Repair We’re not judging, but if you got an ear gauge when you were […]

Things to know after your Brazilian Butt Lift [video]

Brazilian Butt Lift

Don’t worry. Even if you’re not considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, this article provides helpful postoperative insights for any procedure. But for those wondering what a Brazilian Butt Lift is, you can read more here. However, this is the short version: after performing liposuction to any area of the body, the fat that’s collected is […]

Clever ways to hide your surgical scars

surgical scars

Getting surgery and want to hide your scars? Whether you’re getting surgery for medically necessary or cosmetic reasons, here are a few ways you can better hide your scar. Keep in mind that it’s ok to ask your surgeon about hiding scars but don’t demand it. While you may be most worried about scars, they’re […]

Prairie Spine joins the BuildMyBod Network

Prairie Spine of Peoria, IL is now part of the BuildMyBod network. That means you can check your out-of-pocket costs for procedures dealing with “spine health.” So not only does Prairie Spine offer the latest in back pain services, they also offer the latest in price transparent medicine.   What does this mean for Prairie Spine and […]

What’s your surgeon saying while you’re asleep?!

postoperative complications

It’s 8am and you’re about to go ‘under’ for your operation. Next thing you know you’re in the recovery room with no memory of what just happened. Was the operation a success? Will you be happy with the results? And most importantly, what was the surgeon saying while you were asleep?! Truth is, probably not much. […]

Do I have to remove all my jewelry for surgery?

jewelry for surgery

Whenever it’s time to go under the knife, chances are someone will tell you to remove your jewelry for surgery. Is this request medically justified or just logistical. As with many things in medicine, we often do things because it’s always been done that way. That’s called dogma and dogma has no place in a […]

Let’s be clear about pre-existing conditions

pre-existing conditions

With the passage of a new healthcare bill in the House of Representatives (it’s still not a law) and a heartfelt monologue by Jimmy Kimmel, there’s been a great deal of talk about pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, in the discussion, many have lost sight of what exactly that means. Let’s review.   What are pre-existing conditions? […]